Designing 5E Learning Progressions


Designing 5E Sequences

Now that you have an understanding of the phases of the 5E Model, we will need to discuss how to actually go about designing 5E instructional sequences. Let me repeat what I said above — these are not lessons. They are not meant to be completed in a class or two.  The 5E Model may take anywhere from a week to three or four to complete a full cycle, and many phases may be repeated during that time.  

With all instructional design, starting at the end works best.  You have by now developed a draft of your three-dimensional assessment (if not, head back to Module 5!).  Your assessment was designed to incorporate the three dimensions and evaluate students’ content knowledge through the application of science and engineering practices.  Everything students are asked to do in the assessment, they should have experience doing during the instructional sequence — so keep that in mind. If you are analyzing data during the Evaluate, they should obviously be analyzing data during Engage, Explore, Explain, and/or Elaborate as well!