Background On Bundling

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A Background On Bundling

What Is Bundling?

Bundling is the practice of creating groups (or “bundles”) of standards that are arranged together as a focus for an instructional sequence.


Why Bundle?

The NGSS standards were not devised to be taught as stand-alone units.  In the past, the curriculum has operated in this manner, and this approach inadvertently encouraged teachers to rush through topics — and often entirely miss entire standards due to a simple lack of time.  Additionally, by teaching standards in isolation, the curriculum often lacked a cohesive storyline.


Bundling standards helps students see the connections between ideas and concepts.  Additionally, by framing instruction to build toward a group of PEs simultaneously, students are more likely to develop a cohesive explanation of phenomena. Lastly, bundling the performance expectations can save instructional time as students learn related concepts together.