9 Explaining Is Meaning-Making


Explaining Is Meaning Making

Generate a list of questions you will ask students to guide them to discovery during your Explain phase. (You may want to incorporate some of these questions on an analysis worksheet for your Explore activity!)

After you try your first Explain discussion (the right way!), post a reflection in the Beyond The Aha!  Don’t worry if it was a flop… it takes time. Let us be your cheerleader. And if it was AMAZING, tell us about it! We want to celebrate with you!

Lastly, don’t forget to post any questions you may have about the content of the workshop in Beyond The Aha!, too.

If you would like a certificate of course completion, please save your completed Performance Task as a PDF and upload it on this page.

These resources are provided for your use only. There is no need to submit them for review.

Module Nine: Explaining For Meaning Making Performance Task

Sample Explain Lesson Resources