5 Designing Assessments


Designing Assessments

When you have completed this module, take action!

Identify the objectives you will target in your next NGSS-aligned assessment. Be sure to engage students in at least one Science and Engineering Practice and incorporate at least one Crosscutting Concept.

Share your objectives in the Beyond The Aha! community.  If you know what scenario you will use to frame your assessment, share that, too! If not, ask for help.

Lastly, don’t forget to post any questions you may have about the content of the workshop in Beyond The Aha!, too.

If you would like a certificate of course completion, please save your completed Performance Task as a PDF and upload it on this page.

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Module Five: Designing Assessments Performance Task

Sample Evaluate Lesson Resources


Supplementary Resources

CAST Item Specifications (This document breaks down the standards, provides sample task formats, and potential phenomena ideas.)

Connecticut NGSS Assessment Item Specifications (These documents likewise break down the standards, identify vocabulary and potential phenomena, and provide sample task formats.)