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Hey there!

Welcome to Kickstart Aha! You may have taken this course already, if you signed up for Kickstart Aha or Intro To The NGSS and had it delivered via email. (We did some name changing!) This course is not *technically* part of our program, but it does lay the foundation that the entire Explore To Aha! course is built upon.  It’s really important we are all on the same page when it comes to three dimensional instruction and the NGSS as we move forward.

As you complete the modules, you’ll hear reference to resources in your email.  Again, this is because the course was originally delivered via email.  That said, you have access to all of the resources right there in the Materials tab of each lesson.  And when it comes to “homework,” disregard the instructions in the video and follow those listed on the Module page under the HOMEWORK heading.

And that’s all I have for you. Dive on into Kickstart Aha!, if you haven’t completed it already via email, and get busy with some NGSS learning.