Enrollment might be but we can still work together.

Science is meant to be discovered.

Despite all our efforts, we can’t “talk” an education into a child.

Learning just doesn’t happen that way.

Every student is born with an innate curiosity that drives them to learn and grow through experienceexploration and discovery.

Let’s embrace that.

Let's do it together.

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a former “explainer” turned “discovery guide,” and I know this journey isn’t easy. (Confession: I catch myself falling into bad habits more often than I’d like with my own children!) It takes time, learning, reflection, and community — but it’s so possible and so worth it!

It’s not easy, but it also doesn’t have to be hard. There are so many things we can do to capitalize on curiosity, to embrace exploration and discovery, and to focus on phenomena.

As founder of iExploreScience and through its programs and community, I’ve helped thousands of teachers around the world implement exploration and discovery in their science classrooms. I’d love to help you.

We can do this together. Are you ready?

Courses, Coaching & Curriculum

for discovery-centered science.


Be Curious Community is an ongoing support program for classroom teachers, science educators in non-traditional settings, and homeschooling parents. Each month, members receive printable resources and training to guide their learners to discovery of fundamental science concepts through focused investigations into relevant, real-world happenings (also known as phenomena). Includes detailed lesson plans to facilitate exploration and discovery, as well as suggestions for ways to extend the learning based on student interests and abilities. Embrace a new science vision in a fully-supported environment by taking advantage of coaching calls, a private digital community, on-demand workshops, and printable resources.


Collaborate 1:1 Planning Partnerships were designed for the educator seeking a real person to guide their learning journey. Making the shift to phenomenon-focused instruction built on exploration and discovery isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to do it alone. Through the term of enrollment, includes private collaborative planning sessions to develop your instructional plans, access to available live workshops and workshop recordings, and complimentary access to all Be Curious resources. Choose a plan that meets your needs: Turtle or Hare.


Do you have a group of science educators ready to take their teaching to the next level? Let’s work together to customize a program just right for their needs. Engaging learners with authentic phenomena? Understanding the foundations of guiding exploration and discovery? Developing student-driven instructional sequences? Crafting assessments to evaluate student progress and learning? My School and District Programs are designed to meet your needs.

December 16 — 7PM EST (4PM PST)

We are teaching in a system that was designed for a different century. We are preparing our students for a new economy with methodology developed in an old one. For the last hundred years, we have been “teaching as telling”  — through lecture and notes, texts, videos — and focusing on “facts and figures.” And the outcome? We’ve killed curiosity and stifled critical thinking. It is time for change, and it can start with you. In this 60-minute workshop, we will explore what we can do to cultivate curiosity, wonder, and questioning in our classrooms; discuss how we can redefine our roles as educators and shift ownership to where it belongs (our learners!); and identify our first steps to reimagine science class for the modern world. Our learners deserve it.


Our education system relies heavily on tricks, penalties, and extrinsic rewards to motivate learners, despite a broad acknowledgement of the power of intrinsic motivation. When our learners want to learn, learning (and teaching!) becomes the natural drive it was always meant to be. Understanding what drives authentic engagement and using it to foster intrinsic motivation is no more difficult than understanding how our brain works and how we can put that knowledge to work in our instruction. In this 60-minute workshop, we will break down the foundations of all authentic instruction, how to frame learning so that students want to work, and what you can do to ensure long-lasting motivation and drive. This is the key to fostering buy-in and shifting ownership in your classroom from you as the educator to your student as the learner. Includes a printable workbook.

December 5 & 12 — 2PM EST (11AM PST)

This workshop – more like a guided working session – will give you the basics you need to put together instructional sequences that bring three-dimensional learning to life for your students right now. Walk away with a completed simple storyline — a lesson sequence designed for roughly 3-5 days of instruction — and the know-how to replicate the process quickly and easily. Delivered through two 90-minute sessions. Includes a printable workbook and supplementary resources.